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Cargo Inspection Services for Assured Product Quality

Cargo Inspection Services benefit customer and company alike with customer satisfaction and lower return costs.

Greater Customer Satisfaction with Cargo Inspection Services

Cargo inspection services are of greatest benefit to companies and their customers before the product has left the shipping yard--or even the factory floor.

We will look at what PSI and CLC cargo inspection services are, and why they are so useful for a company's reputation and bottom line.

What Are PSI and CLC Cargo Inspection Services?

Pre-Shipment Inspection Services

A Pre-Shipment Inspection Service (PSI) is a systematic inspection of product units, selected at random before the production batch leaves the factory.

At this critical quality control stage, inspectors are looking at details such as:

  • Order accuracy verification (product type and quantity)
  • Product defects
  • Packaging quality
  • Product safety
  • Accurate labeling and documentation in accordance with market regulations

(You can learn more about the PSI procedures here.)

Container Loading Checks on Cargo

Container Loading Checks (CLCs) share similar features with PSIs, such as verification on quantity, documentation, and labeling.

Additionally, inspectors will monitor external factors surrounding the product, such as cargo loading procedures, transit-packaging materials and the quality of the shipping crate. Quality control inspectors may also monitor drop testing procedures and report results.

CLCs can be performed at various stages of cargo transit and transfer.

However, a CLC is considered most critical before it is committed to shipment abroad, under the scrutiny and guidance of an experienced, third-party inspector.

An inspector who understands both the product and the risks associated with various travel conditions can prevent potential product damage from occurring through the careful packaging, loading and warehousing of cargo.

(Learn about three critical elements of packaging quality control here.)

How Do Cargo Inspection Services Help Both the Customer and Company?

Preemptive quality control inspections on complete or near-complete product batches are critical steps towards improving customer satisfaction and reducing return costs.

Improving Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of a strong business. It leads to customer retention, which leads to real profit gains. A 5% customer retention rate can increase profits by up to 95%.

As exemplified on Amazon's website, a reliable reflection of customer satisfaction is a high "star rating" for products. Those coveted ratings and reviews are connected to:

  • Consistent product quality
  • On-time delivery
  • Product accuracy

Pre-shipment and cargo loading inspection services can verify both product quality and accuracy in a timely manner.

Reducing Product-Return Costs

Apart from the potential damage that a product return can have on a company's reputation, the monetary cost of a product, packaging or labeling deficiency grows exponentially if detection occurs after shipment.

Alternatively, if a deficiency is discovered before the cargo has been sent overseas, the reputational and monetary risks are minimized.

Additionally, if a product deficiency is detected during a PSI or CLC, companies have greater leverage to demand product fixes by the factory at the factory's expense.

How Can GFS Help with Cargo Inspection?

GFS provides PSI and CLC services around the globe, with inspectors guaranteed on-site within 48 hours.

All inspectors are regional-, product- and market-experts who can ensure accurate reports on:

  • Overall product quality,
  • Packaging standards,
  • Accompanying documentation, and
  • Cargo loading procedures.

Achieve higher customer satisfaction rates, as well as lower return costs through GFS pre-shipment and cargo loading inspection services.

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