Global Freight Services has certainly made a name for itself as a large-scale shipping authority, but we’re also skilled with the logistics of small-scale shipments that require the use of van delivery. Merchandise that doesn’t need full truck load or less than truck load support can be moved cheaply and quickly through the use of specialized van transportation. Cargo van shipping is one of the fastest and easiest offerings at Global Freight Services.

Our delivery utilizes vehicles that are considerably smaller than most of our standard shipping options. They require fewer special licenses and permissions and are able to move to their destination much more quickly and easily. Our delivery is great for:

  • Dense, valuable freight
  • Low-volume shipping
  • Exceptionally fast delivery
  • Extra-safe transportation

Van shipping comes in handy when your goods need to get to market in remote areas or you have extra-fragile cargo that has to be somewhere quickly. Fewer permits, more freedom, smaller-scale, and increased reliability make cargo van service the choice for small, important shipments.

Cargo Van Freight Logistics That Can’t Be Beat

Our delivery ensures that you don’t pay more than you need to for shipping. It also gives you greater peace of mind and helps you finish more shipments before the deadline and without maxing out your budget.

  • The best choice for small shipments – cargo vans efficiently use available storage space to ensure that even the most fragile shipments can be carried from point A to point B undamaged while maintaining extreme efficiency of transportation.
  • An amazing solution for fragile or high-risk shipments – less cargo in the van means that the transportation professional can spend more time ensuring that goods packed into the van are secure, immobile, and steady.
  • Shipment stays in one van – No switching and no repacking mean your goods stay safely in one place until they reach their goal, which relieves you of worry about how your freight is handled, packaged, loaded, and unloaded.
  • Faster than truck shipping – less weighing, fewer permits, and a short load time gives cargo van operators the freedom to hit the road fast and stay on the road so that getting what you need where you need it happens in the blink of an eye.

Why Use Cargo Van Delivery from Global Freight Services?

Our entire staff carries with them an average of 15 years of experience in the shipping industry, and they’ve spent 10 of those years working side-by-side. The environment of trust, teamwork, and experience at Global Freight Services is a characteristic you won’t find in our competitors, and we just can’t wait to prove to you how skilled we are at cargo van transportation.

To keep you informed, we provide tracking on all of your shipments. It helps you monitor the progress of your goods across long distances, and you can contact us mid-shipment if you need to make any changes. Our team stays available and flexible so your schedule doesn’t have to shift.

Don’t worry about small or especially fragile shipments. We’ll make sure the logistics of your cargo van transport are taken care of from top to bottom with the help of our amazingly wide network of transportation professionals. We have multimodal shipping and superior equipment options through a remarkably trustworthy carrier chain, which lets us take on the jobs our competitors won’t.

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