flatbed truckingThere’s no easier, more affordable way to take on the complex and physically tough challenges of flatbed freight transportation than with the logistical expertise of Global Fraight Services. Shipping with the use of a flatbed truck demands tried and true transportation methodology and a strong, able-bodied workforce to secure and carry your cargo. Your goods move on an open-air flatbed trailer across dangerous terrain and in adverse weather conditions. Rely on our extensive and reliable network of flatbed transportation carriers to bring your goods to their destination safely and on-time.

Open-deck trailers provide extra-affordable flatbed transportation for long or short-haul domestic cargo such as heavy loads, large equipment, pr any other oversized or unusually shaped cargo. If you have specialized goods or over-dimensional freight, we can take care of any interstate permit needs so you can rest assured your delivery will be successful. If you have much larger transportation needs, Global Fraight Services also offers heavy haul trucking services.

Solid Logistical Support for Tough Shipments

Open-deck trailers require much more focused preparation and skilled transportation that ordinary trucking jobs. Fortunately, we know how to handle it.

  • Finding the Right Size Trailer: Flatbed trailers range in size depending on the capacity and power of the truck. Most flatbeds range in length from 48 feet to 53 feet and measure 102 inches wide. The volume and size of your cargo will determine how big your trailer needs to be.
  • Securing Your Freight: Flatbeds don’t benefit from the walls of a standard shipping container. You’ll need a shipping expert with experience in tying and handling freight so it doesn’t move during transit.
  • Planning and Acquiring Permits: Not every state enforces the same rules and regulations for flatbeds. We know what permits you’ll need to get your freight across state borders without a hitch.
  • Ensuring Optimum Safety: Hauling freight requires transportation experts to be well versed in speed requirements and optimum route planning. Our coverage doesn’t stop there – we also make sure that escort vehicles are available when necessary and that your freight is insured properly.

Flatbed Transportation Experience Counts

Global Fraight Services is no stranger to the benefits of flatbed trucking. When hauling a K10 Hyper Compressor to a chemical refinery in Plaquemine, Louisiana, we arranged a multimodal shipment that included flatbed use for the final leg of the trip. After contending with a bridge repair and various problems acquiring necessary permits, the compressor was delivered successfully and ahead of schedule thanks to our broad knowledge of transportation issues and solutions.

Receive Peace of Mind with Our Flatbed Shipping

Our staff averages 15 years of experience in the shipping industry per person, and they’ve been working with one another for over 10 years. The level of experience, trust, and teamwork at Global Fraight Services is unmatched in the shipping industry, and we want to prove that you can count on our know-how to cover every aspect of your flatbed shipment.

To help build your trust, we offer tracking on all of your shipments so you can keep an eye on the progress of your freight and stay informed of potential issues. Contact us mid-shipment if you need to make any changes – we stay available and flexible to help you stay on schedule.

Don’t worry about awkwardly shaped or oversized cargo. We’ll handle the logistics of your freight on our flatbed trucks through our incredibly wide network of transportation professionals. Available multimodal shipping combined with unmatched equipment options and a reliable carrier chain means we can take on even the most difficult jobs.

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