Global Freight services is an industry leader in affordable, easy shipping services. We’re a cut above the average straight truck carriers thanks to our years of experience and undying motivation to complete every delivery safely and on-time or better. Our services can help you take care of standard shipments that need to reach their destination in minimal time.

A straight truck delivery utilizes trucks equipped with boxes for hauling cargo in a shaded, fully protected environment. This shipment method is ideal for:

  • – Standard cargo
  • – Fast shipping
  • – Large loads of small items
  • – Fragile freight

Straight truck carriers are ideal for those who want to move standard sized cargo over long distances – and need it moved fast. Box trucks offers superior protection against the elements and better temperature control than open-air truck beds. Plus, logistics for straight truck delivery are simple since smaller vehicles can go to more places with fewer required permits.

For larger or unbalanced loads consider using our flatbed trucking services.

Benefits of Straight Truck Shipments:

Box truck delivery combines protective equipment built to carry standard sized cargo with specialists in logistical support for shipments that need to reach their destination exceptionally fast.

  • The Top Choice for Quick Shipments: These trucks are sometimes called expediter trucks because they balance carrying capacity with speed and power very well. Delivery drivers are in high demand, so there is always a large supply.
  • Perfect for Fragile Shipments That Need to Move: The superior protection provided by the four walls of a box truck is padded by the ability to pack goods so that they minimize movement and disperse kinetic energy from the road without breaking goods.
  • Simple, Straightforward Trucking: While these delivery services are still subject to special laws based on the weight of their cargo, they are much more flexible for traveling across major highways and clearing underpasses.

Why Choose Global Freight for Your Delivery?

Each of our extensive staff members has an average of 15 years of experience in the shipping industry. Plus, they’ve worked side by side for over 10 years. You won’t find the same level of trust, teamwork, and experience that you find at Global Freight Services from any other company in the shipping industry. We can’t wait to show you how well you can count on our expertise to cover every aspect of your delivery.

To help build your trust, we give you tracking on all of your shipments. You can keep track of the progress of your cargo and stay ahead of pressing issues. Get a hold of us mid-shipment if you need to make sudden changes – we will be as available and flexible as possible to help you stay right on schedule.

Don’t worry about getting your freight to its destination on time. We’ll take care of the logistics of box truck delivery service through our remarkably wide network of transportation professionals. We even have multimodal shipping available. Our superior equipment options and trustworthy carrier chain mean we can easily take on even the most challenging jobs.

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